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Noram 65E Grader

Hire the Noram 65E Grader (10ft Blade) for compact grading and levelling tasks. With its powerful engine and advanced controls, this nimble grader ensures precise blade control and optimal performance. Perfect for smaller projects in tight areas such as carparks and driveways, the grader delivers exceptional results.

Mini Grader for tight access projects

Excellent power and fuel efficiency.

Control system for manoeuvrability.

Ergonomic cabin with excellent visibility and adjustable controls.

Hydraulic system for precise blade movement.


Noram 65E Grader (10ft Blade):

Mini Grader:

The Noram 65E is equipped with a 10-foot blade, making it suitable for smaller grading tasks on tight access construction sites. Its smaller size and capabilities ensure efficient and precise grading operations to meet your project requirements.

Reliable Performance:

The Noram grader hire is designed to deliver reliable power and performance. With its robust engine, you can trust this grader to tackle smaller grading projects with ease. It provides the necessary power and traction to handle different terrains, enabling you to make progress without delays.

Operator Comfort:

The Noram 10ft Grader prioritises operator comfort with its spacious and ergonomic cabin design. Operators can work comfortably for extended periods, thanks to adjustable controls and excellent visibility from the cabin. This ergonomic approach contributes to the overall efficiency and productivity of your grading operations

Maintenance and Reliability:

We value reliability and understand the impact of unexpected breakdowns and downtime. That's why the Noram 10ft Grader undergoes regular servicing and maintenance to ensure its peak performance. Our rigorous maintenance program ensures that the grader is in excellent condition, minimising the risk of equipment issues during your project.


Overall length: 7500mm
Overall width: 2324mm
Overall height 2997mm
Operating weight: 7620kg


Blade Length: 10Ft
Horsepower: 120HP
Fuel Consumption: 20<LPH


Overall length: 7500mm
Overall width: 2324mm
Overall height 2997mm
Operating weight: 7620kg

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