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Kobelco Excavator (26T) (GPS Capable)

Hire the 26T excavator is part of our larger range. It offers advanced hydraulic technology for lower fuel consumption and superior digging performance, maximising productivity on job sites. With its compact design and rugged construction, it delivers long-term value and reliability.

Requires 38% less lever effort

17% lower fuel consumption than previous models

GPS Capable

Double locking tilting hitch

Auxiliary Piping

Dozer blade


Kobelco Excavator SK260 (26T):

Versatile and Efficient Operation: With standard quick hitch and tilt circuit piping, the SK260 (26T) Excavator enables quick attachment changes for enhanced versatility. It offers advanced technology that improves hydraulic efficiency, resulting in fuel savings of up to 17% & 23% in Eco-mode compared to previous models. This excavator ensures cost-effective and efficient operation, making it ideal for 26T excavator hire projects.

Operator Comfort and Productivity:

The SK260 (26T) Excavator reduces operator fatigue with 38% less effort required to operate the lever, allowing for extended working hours. It provides nimble movement, ample digging power, and superior force, enhancing productivity. For 26T excavator hire, this excavator's comfort and performance features make it a reliable choice for tackling various tasks.

Double Lock Tilt Hitch:

The excavator is equipped with a double locking tilt hitch, our machine ensures excavator operator and bystander safety during operation. The tilting feature enables the excavator attachments to be tilted, providing increased versatility for handling technical projects when hiring.

Auxiliary piping:

Our 26T excavators are equipped with auxiliary piping and valves, allowing for seamless integration of various hydraulic excavator attachments. Whether you need to connect a breaker, auger, or any other hydraulic tool, our excavators are designed to accommodate your project requirements with ease. Enhance the versatility of your work with our hydraulic attachment capabilities.

GPS Capability for Enhanced Precision:

Equipped with GPS capability, the SK260 (26T) Excavator provides precise positioning and guidance during excavation operations. This feature enables accurate digging, grading, and site preparation, reducing material waste. For 26T excavator hire projects that require precision and efficiency, this excavator's GPS capability delivers accurate results and saves time.


Overall Length: 1021mm
Overall Height: 3090mm
Overall Width: 3190mm
Operating Weight: 25700kg
SWL (Lifting): 2250kg


Dig Reach: 1031mm
Dig Depth: 7000mm


Overall Length: 1021mm
Overall Height: 3090mm
Overall Width: 3190mm
Operating Weight: 25700kg
SWL (Lifting): 2250kg

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