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Articulated Dump Trucks


Bell B30E Dump Truck (30T)

Hire the 30T Bell Dump Truck for efficient hauling with its 30-ton payload capacity, powerful engine, and excellent manoeuvrability. Choose the B30D Dumper for reliable performance and ease of operation.

30T load capacity

Powerful engine and advanced drivetrain

Reliable and durable construction

On-board diagnostics and monitoring systems

Fuel-efficient operation


Bell B30D Dump Truck (30T) :

The Bell B30D Dump Truck, available for dry hire at RediPlant, is a powerful and reliable solution that can help you meet your construction needs effectively. With its robust construction and strong engine, this dump truck is capable of handling heavy loads and conquering challenging terrains, ensuring exceptional performance and productivity on construction sites.


The Bell dumper shines. Its excellent manoeuvrability allows it to navigate tight spaces and difficult terrain with ease, making it an ideal choice for projects with limited access or demanding work environments.

Large Payload Capacity:

The Bell dumper has a payload capacity of 30 tons is another significant advantage. It enables customers to move a substantial amount of material in each load, reducing the number of trips required and optimising productivity. This efficiency translates into time and cost savings for construction projects.

By choosing the Bell B30D Dump Truck for your construction needs through our dry hire services, customers can benefit from its versatility, high payload capacity, operator comfort, and safety features. Contact us today to discuss how our dump trucks can help you achieve your construction goals efficiently and effectively through our dump truck dry hire options.


Overall length: 9953mm
Overall width:2940mm
Overall height: 3661mm
Operating weight: 28000kg


Payload: 30T
Horsepower: 350HP
Wheel drive: 6 Wheel


Overall length: 9953mm
Overall width:2940mm
Overall height: 3661mm
Operating weight: 28000kg

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