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Articulated Dump Trucks


Volvo A40G Dump Truck (40T)

Hire the 40T Volvo Dump Truck for powerful performance & exceptional payload capacity, for efficient construction operations. The truck's hydraulic braking and retarder systems provide excellent control and stability. Choose the Volvo A40G for reliable and cost-effective construction solutions.

40T payload capacity.

Powerful Volvo engine

Automatic power shift transmission.

All-wheel drive system

Efficient ejection system.

Advanced suspension system

Volvo's commitment to safety and fuel efficiency


Volvo A40G Dump Truck (40T):

The Volvo A40G Dump Truck is a versatile and reliable solution for larger construction projects, and it is available for dry hire.

Heavy Duty Build:

The Dumpers robust construction, powerful engine, and high payload capacity, it is designed to handle heavy loads and tough terrains with ease. This ensures exceptional performance and productivity on construction sites, allowing you to efficiently transport and move materials.

Advanced technology:

The Volvo Dump Truck offers features such as onboard weighing systems, load and dump brake functions, and fuel efficiency systems. These innovations optimize the truck's performance, improve fuel consumption, and enhance overall productivity.

Ergonomic Cabin:

The Dump Truck is designed with operator comfort in mind, providing a spacious cabin that reduces operator fatigue and promotes productivity during long work hours.

Our Dump Truck dry hire services provide flexibility and convenience, allowing you to rent the equipment for the duration they need. With a well-maintained fleet and dedicated support, RediPlant ensures that the Volvo Dump Trucks are in excellent condition and ready for reliable and efficient operation on your construction site.

Contact us today to discuss your project requirements and explore how our dump truck dry hire services can contribute to the success of your construction operations.


Overall length: 11263mm
Overall width: 3403mm
Overall height: 3546mm
Operating weight: 29800kg


Payload: 40T
Horsepower: 470HP
Wheel drive: 6 Wheel


Overall length: 11263mm
Overall width: 3403mm
Overall height: 3546mm
Operating weight: 29800kg

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