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Articulated Dump Trucks


Volvo A30G Dump Truck (30T)

Hire the Volvo A30G dump truck. This powerful dump truck offers high load capacity and advanced features, to optimise your efficiency on construction projects. The dumper's hydraulic braking and retarder systems provide excellent control and stability.

30T load capacity

Automatic traction control

Fuel-efficient engine

ROPS/FOPS certified cabin

On-board weighing system

6 wheel drive with locking differentials


Volvo A30G Dump Truck (30T):

The Volvo A30G 30T dump truck offers a range of key benefits for your construction projects. With a 30-ton load capacity, it provides efficient material transportation, making it an ideal choice for dump truck dry hire. The dump truck is equipped with automatic traction control, ensuring optimal performance on various terrains, further enhancing its suitability for dry hire.

Fuel efficiency:

Is a priority with the Volvo dump trucks, helping to minimise operating costs for dump truck dry hire. The advanced engine and intelligent power management system contribute to reduced fuel consumption.

Safety Features: The dump truck features a certified ROPS/FOPS cabin, providing a comfortable and safe working environment for operators during dry hire.

Accurate load measurement:

The on-board weighing system, allows for precise calculations and efficient material handling during dump truck dry hire. REDI ensures the reliability and performance of the dumper through regular maintenance and servicing, ensuring that it is in peak condition for dump truck dry hire. Our experienced team is dedicated to minimising downtime and maximising uptime for your projects, providing a seamless dry hire experience.

Choose REDI for dump truck dry hire and experience the efficiency and productivity of the Volvo A30G. Contact us today to discuss your project requirements and explore our flexible dry hire options.


Overall length: 10296mm
Overall width: 2954mm
Overall height: 3325mm
Operating weight: 23300kg


Payload: 30T
Horsepower: 355HP
Wheel drive: 6 Wheel


Overall length: 10296mm
Overall width: 2954mm
Overall height: 3325mm
Operating weight: 23300kg

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