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Water Truck


UD Watertruck (8000L)

Hire the UD Watertruck with its large 8000L capacity, it provides ample water supply for various applications such as dust control, irrigation, and construction site maintenance.

8000L capacity

PTO Driven hydraulic pump system

Spray heads individually activated from cabin

High powered water cannon with joystick control

Well-maintained and reliable equipment


UD Watertruck (8000L)

Generous Water Capacity:

The UD Watertruck boasts an 8000L capacity, ensuring an ample supply of water for your specific needs. Whether it's dust control, site maintenance, or other water-related tasks, this watertruck provides sufficient water to cover a large area efficiently.

Efficient Water Distribution:

Equipped with a powerful PTO pump system, the UD Watertruck delivers efficient water distribution, allowing for optimal coverage and effective addressing of water-related challenges. You can rely on its performance to maintain a productive and safe work environment.

Well-Maintained Equipment:

RediPlant takes pride in providing well-maintained and reliable watertrucks for hire. When you choose the UD Watertruck from RediPlant, you can trust that you'll have access to a high-quality and functional machine that is regularly serviced and in excellent condition.

PTO Pump System:

Experience the convenience and reliability of our PTO Driven Hydraulic Pump system. By utilising the engine's transmission, it eliminates the need for separate auxiliary pumps, saving you valuable time during start-up and shutdown. This innovative system also offers variable pressure capabilities, allowing you to adjust the hydraulic power according to your specific requirements. Say goodbye to the hassle and unreliability of traditional systems, and enjoy the efficiency and versatility of our PTO Driven Hydraulic Pump for your hydraulic operations.


Overall Length: mm
Overall Height: mm
Overall Width: mm
Operating Weight: kg


Tank size: 8000L
Pump Type: PTO Hydrualic Driven


Overall Length: mm
Overall Height: mm
Overall Width: mm
Operating Weight: kg

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