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Skid Steers


Kubota Tracked Loader (75HP)

Hire the Kubota tracked loaderSVL75-2, a versatile machine designed for construction and landscaping tasks. With its 75HP engine and advanced track system, it provides excellent manoeuvrability, traction, and stability. The tracked loader is compatible with various tracked loader attachments, for increased productivity.

Powerful 75HP engine

Advanced track system

Versatile attachment options

Spacious and ergonomic cab

Equipped from standard with 4 in 1 bucket

Top speed of 11 kph

Auxiliary Piping


Kubota Tracked Loader SVL75:

The Kubota tracked loader SVL75-2, available for dry hire at REDI is equipped with a powerful 75HP engine, this tracked loader delivers exceptional performance, allowing you to tackle demanding tasks with ease. The advanced track system provides superior manoeuvrability, enabling you to navigate tight spaces and challenging terrains effortlessly.

The tracked loader is designed for versatility, offering a wide range of attachment options like buckets, spreader bars, forks, brooms and augers you can easily customise the skid steer to suit various applications, maximising productivity on the job site.

Operator comfort is prioritised with the spacious and ergonomic cab, providing a comfortable working environment even during long hours of operation. Additionally, the tracked loader is equipped with enhanced safety features to ensure a secure working environment for operators.

REDI offers flexible dry hire options for the Kubota tracked loader SVL75-2, allowing you to rent the machine for your specific project duration. Our well-maintained equipment and reliable service ensure a seamless experience, enabling you to focus on your construction or landscaping tasks.

Contact us today to discuss your skid steer rental needs and experience the benefits of these tracked loader firsthand.


Overall Length: 3576mm
Overall Height: 2083mm
Overall Width: 1675mm
Operating Weight: 4100kg


Horsepower: 75HP
Tracks or Wheels: Tracks
Auxiliary Piping


Overall Length: 3576mm
Overall Height: 2083mm
Overall Width: 1675mm
Operating Weight: 4100kg

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