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Articulated Dump Trucks


Komatsu HM300 Dump Truck (30T)

Hire the Komatsu 30T Dump Truck with its powerful performance & robust construction it excels in handling heavy loads and challenging terrains. Equipped with traction control and automatic speed control, it ensures safe and efficient operations.

30T load capacity

Powerful engine and drivetrain

Reliable and durable construction

Spacious cabin with excellent visibility.

Fuel-efficient design


Komatsu HM300 Dump Truck:

The Komatsu HM300 Dump Truck (30T) is a reliable and efficient solution for material transportation. With a 30-ton load capacity, it is designed to handle large quantities of material with ease, ensuring efficient and productive operations. Whether you're working on construction sites, mining projects, or other heavy-duty applications, this dump truck can efficiently transport materials to their designated locations.

Powerful engine and drivetrain:

The HM300 Dump Truck delivers exceptional performance. Its robust engine provides the necessary power and torque to tackle demanding tasks, while the drivetrain ensures smooth and efficient operation even in challenging terrain. With excellent hauling capabilities, this dump truck enables efficient material transportation and boosts overall productivity.

Exceptional manoeuvrability:

The articulated design of the HM300 Dump Truck offers great manoeuvrability, making it highly versatile in various job site conditions. The articulation allows the truck to navigate tight spaces and confined areas with ease, minimising the need for repositioning. This feature enhances operator control and efficiency, enabling precise movements and reducing downtime during material transportation.

Heavy Duty Build:

The HM300 Dump Truck boasts a robust construction that ensures durability and longevity. It is designed to withstand rugged work environments, maintaining optimal performance even in the toughest conditions. Additionally, the spacious and ergonomic operator cabin provides a comfortable working environment for operators, while excellent visibility enhances safety and productivity.

Advanced technology features:

The features include load measurement and optimization, the HM300 Dump Truck enables precise load management for efficient material transportation. Furthermore, its fuel-efficient design helps to reduce operating costs, making it a cost-effective choice for your projects.

Experience the efficiency, performance, and reliability of the Komatsu HM300 Dump Truck (30T) for your material transportation needs. Contact us today to explore your options and benefit from its exceptional capabilities.


Overall length: 9953mm
Overall width: 2940mm
Overall height: 3426mm
Operating weight: 28000kg


Payload: 30T
Horsepower: 324HP
Wheel drive: 6 Wheel


Overall length: 9953mm
Overall width: 2940mm
Overall height: 3426mm
Operating weight: 28000kg

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