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Kobelco Excavator (8.5T)

Hire the 8.5T Excavator for superior performance with increased engine output and digging force. Its short radius design excels in tight spaces. Equipped with advanced technologies for efficient operation and reduced noise, it delivers enhanced efficiency and power.

Increased engine output by 27.9%

Ideal for work in confined areas

Advanced features

Rubber Tracks

Double locking tilting hitch

Auxiliary Piping

Dozer blade


Kobelco Excavator SK85MSR-7 (8.5T):

The Kobelco 8.5T Excavator offers a range of key benefits that make it an exceptional choice for excavator hire in various construction projects.

Enhanced Performance:

With a remarkable 27.9% increase in engine output and 11% increase in digging force, the 8.5T Excavator delivers superior performance and power for excavator hire projects. It ensures efficient operation and increased productivity on the job site, making it a valuable asset for excavator hire.

Efficient Operation in Tight Spaces: The short radius design of the 8.5T Excavator enables efficient operation in confined and tight spaces, making it ideal for excavator hire in urban areas or compact job sites. Its maneuverability and agility allow operators to navigate through narrow areas with precision and ease during excavator hire projects.

Advanced Features for Optimal Operation:

Equipped with advanced features such as a 10" color monitor, eagle-eye camera, Geoscan Excavator Remote Monitoring System, and iNDr Cooling System, the 8.5T Excavator ensures optimal functionality and convenience during excavator hire. These features enhance performance, provide improved visibility, enable remote management, and reduce noise and dust for a more efficient and productive excavator hire experience.

The excavator is equipped with a double locking tilt hitch, our machine ensures excavator operator and bystander safety during operation. The tilting feature enables the excavator attachments to be tilted, providing increased versatility for handling technical projects when hiring.

Auxiliary piping:

Our excavators are equipped with auxiliary piping and valves, allowing for seamless integration of various hydraulic excavator attachments. Whether you need to connect a breaker, auger, or any other hydraulic tool, our excavators are designed to accommodate your project requirements with ease. Enhance the versatility of your work with our hydraulic attachment capabilities.

Rubber Pads:

Our 8.5T excavators are fitted with durable rubber pads, providing enhanced traction and stability on various terrains. The rubber pads not only offer excellent grip but also minimise ground disturbance, making it suitable for sensitive or fragile surfaces.


Overall Length: 6730mm
Overall Height: 2570mm
Overall Width: 2300mm
Operating Weight: 8550kg
SWL (Lifting): 480kg


Dig Reach: 7240mm
Dig Depth: 4180mm


Overall Length: 6730mm
Overall Height: 2570mm
Overall Width: 2300mm
Operating Weight: 8550kg
SWL (Lifting): 480kg

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