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Kobelco Excavator (30T) (GPS Capable)

Hire the 30T excavator is a part of our large range of excavators, offering powerful performance, environmental compliance, and cost-effective operation.

Powerful 196 HP Komatsu SAA6D107E-3 engine.

9% fuel consumption reduction for cost-effective operation.

38% less effort required to operate with pilot valving controls.

Double locking tilting hitch

Auxiliary Piping

GPS Capable


Kobelco Excavator SK300LC-10 (30T) :

The Kobelco SK300LC-10 is a 30-ton excavator designed for optimal performance and efficiency. It provides a robust and reliable solution for heavy-duty tasks, ensuring maximum capacity utilisation and productivity on job sites.

Reduced Operator Fatigue:

With 38% less effort required to operate the control lever, the SK300LC significantly reduces operator fatigue during long hours of operation. This ergonomic design feature enhances operator comfort and efficiency, leading to improved productivity and job site safety.

Double Lock Tilt Hitch:

The excavator is equipped with a double locking tilt hitch, our machine ensures excavator operator and bystander safety during operation. The tilting feature enables the excavator attachments to be tilted, providing increased versatility for handling technical projects when hiring.

Auxiliary piping:

Our 30T excavators are equipped with auxiliary piping and valves, allowing for seamless integration of various hydraulic excavator attachments. Whether you need to connect a breaker, auger, or any other hydraulic tool, our excavators are designed to accommodate your project requirements with ease. Enhance the versatility of your work with our hydraulic attachment capabilities.

GPS Capability for Enhanced Precision:

Equipped with GPS capability, the 30T Excavator provides precise positioning and guidance during excavation operations. This feature enables accurate digging, grading, and site preparation, reducing material waste. For 30T excavator hire projects that require precision and efficiency, this excavator's GPS capability delivers accurate results and saves time.


Overall Length: 10,710mm
Overall Height: 3270mm
Overall Width: 3190mm
Operating Weight: 30500kg
SWL (Lifting): 2320kg


Dig Reach: 7200mm
Dig Depth: 10870mm


Overall Length: 10,710mm
Overall Height: 3270mm
Overall Width: 3190mm
Operating Weight: 30500kg
SWL (Lifting): 2320kg

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