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Kobelco Excavator (13.5T) (GPS Capable)

Hire the 13.5T Excavator, the smallest of our medium size excavator range, offering an ergonomic design, enhanced control, and a powerful engine. With GPS capabilities, it ensures precise positioning on job sites.

GPS Capable

Compliant with tier 4 Final emissions regulations

Low-effort pilot control levers

10-inch colour monitor

Rubber Tracks

Double locking tilting hitch

Auxiliary Piping

Dozer blade


Kobelco Excavator SK135 (13.5T):

Comfortable and Ergonomic Operation: The Kobelco Excavator ensures operator comfort during excavator hire with features like an air suspension seat for superior ride comfort. The cabin design promotes optimal airflow, enhancing overall comfort. The ergonomic pilot control levers reduce operator fatigue, allowing for precise control during excavator hire.

Enhanced Control and Safety:

The excavator is equipped with an upgraded hydraulic control system, enabling swifter and precise movement. The large color monitor provides easy access to user-friendly menus and displays camera images for improved safety and visibility during excavator hire.

Powerful and Efficient Performance:

The Kobelco Excavator features a high-power engine complying with emission regulations, delivering increased output and shorter digging cycle times during excavator hire. The iNDr Filter prevents dust and debris from entering the cooling system, ensuring consistent cooling performance and preventing clogging of the air cleaner.

Double Lock Tilt Hitch:

The excavator is equipped with a double locking tilt hitch, our machine ensures excavator operator and bystander safety during operation. The tilting feature enables the excavator attachments to be tilted, providing increased versatility for handling technical projects when hiring.

Auxiliary piping:

Our 13.5T excavators are equipped with auxiliary piping and valves, allowing for seamless integration of various hydraulic excavator attachments. Whether you need to connect a breaker, auger, or any other hydraulic tool, our excavators are designed to accommodate your project requirements with ease. Enhance the versatility of your work with our hydraulic attachment capabilities.

Rubber Pads:

Our 13.5T excavators are fitted with durable rubber pads, providing enhanced traction and stability on various terrains. The rubber pads not only offer excellent grip but also minimise ground disturbance, making it suitable for sensitive or fragile surfaces.

GPS Capable:

The 13.5T Excavator is equipped with GPS capabilities you can select when hiring, enabling precise positioning and efficient operation on job sites. This technology enhances accuracy, reduces rework, and increases productivity. With GPS technology, you can minimise material wastage and save on labour expenses, making it an ideal choice for excavator hire.


Overall Length: 8070mm
Overall Height: 2860mm
Overall Width: 2490mm
Operating Weight: 15100kg
SWL (Lifting): 1020kg


Dig Reach: 8370mm
Dig Depth: 5520mm


Overall Length: 8070mm
Overall Height: 2860mm
Overall Width: 2490mm
Operating Weight: 15100kg
SWL (Lifting): 1020kg

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