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John Deere Grader 672GP

Hire the John Deere 672GP Grader. With exceptional balance, improved performance, and increased horsepower, these graders offer precise control and efficient grading for various projects. Hiring the John Deere Grader delivers reliable and powerful performance.

Auto-Shift PLUS, work without an inching pedal & control speed.

Machine Damage Avoidance

Auto Articulation for precise control.

Machine Presets activate with a single button press.

Automatically mirror the blade angle.

Automate functions at the start and end of grading passes.

Full automatic machine control (GPS)


John Deere Grader 672GP (14ft Blade):

The John Deere grader is part of the G-series motor graders, this machine is equipped with advanced technology and automation features that elevate your grading tasks to a whole new level.Available for dry hire, giving you the flexibility and convenience you need.

Grade Pro (GP) option:

When hiring the John Deere Grader the operators are provided with a range of standard functionalities, including cross slope, return to straight, lever steering, and a choice between fingertip or joystick controls. These features make grading tasks effortless and ensure precise and accurate results.

Advanced automation features:

What sets this grader apart is its design to enhance productivity and efficiency. With Auto-Shift PLUS, operators can work without an inching pedal, gaining full control over travel speed and reducing foot movements. The machine damage avoidance feature guarantees that the blade won't cause harm to tires, steps, or the saddle, giving operators peace of mind.

Auto Articulation feature:

This allows operators to combine front steering and rear articulation, enabling precise grading control and fine adjustments. Machine presets simplify configuration by allowing multiple functions, features, and machine positions to be activated with a single button press. The blade flip automatically mirrors the blade angle to a preset position, eliminating repetitive operator input and enhancing the Cross Slope system. With auto pass functionality, operators can automate repetitive functions at the start and end of grading passes, improving efficiency and streamlining workflows.

Grade control technology for precise grading (GPS):

The John Deere 672GP Grader, available for hire, features advanced grade control technology with GPS machine control. This integrated system utilises sensors, GPS, and software algorithms to provide automatic blade control and real-time precision grading. With features like automatic cross slope control and user-friendly interfaces, it enhances accuracy, reduces rework, and increases productivity. The GPS technology ensures cost savings by minimising material wastage and reducing labour expenses on grading projects.


Overall length:10590mm
Overall width: 2490mm
Overall height: 3180mm
Operating weight: 20000kg


Blade Length:14Ft
Horsepower: 255HP
GPS Capabilities: Trimble


Overall length:10590mm
Overall width: 2490mm
Overall height: 3180mm
Operating weight: 20000kg

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