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Water Truck


Iveco Watertruck (8000L)

Hire the Iveco Watertruck for ideal water distribution on construction sites. It ensures efficient handling of large volumes of water, whether it's for dust suppression, road maintenance, fire control, or irrigation.

8000L capacity

PTO Driven hydraulic pump system

Front road sprayers

Spray heads individually activated from cabin

Well-maintained and reliable equipment


Iveco Watertruck:

Efficient Water Transportation:

The Iveco Watertruck offers a substantial 8000-litre water tank capacity, ensuring efficient water transportation for various applications such as dust suppression, road maintenance, fire control, and irrigation. Maximise productivity when hiring with fewer refills, saving time and resources on your projects. Choose REDI for convenient water truck hire.

Reliable Performance:

Designed for demanding conditions, the Iveco Watertruck delivers robust and reliable performance. With a powerful engine and durable components, it can handle daily operations on construction sites and other water-related tasks with ease. Rely on its consistent performance to efficiently meet your water distribution needs.

PTO Pump System:

Experience the convenience and reliability of our PTO Driven Hydraulic Pump system. By utilising the engine's transmission, it eliminates the need for separate auxiliary pumps, saving you valuable time during start-up and shutdown. This innovative system also offers variable pressure capabilities, allowing you to adjust the hydraulic power according to your specific requirements. Say goodbye to the hassle and unreliability of traditional systems, and enjoy the efficiency and versatility of our PTO Driven Hydraulic Pump for your hydraulic operations.

Operator-Friendly Features:

The Iveco Watertruck prioritises operator comfort and safety with its user-friendly features. The cabin provides a comfortable working environment, equipped with intuitive controls and an ergonomic design. Operators can handle the water truck effortlessly, enhancing productivity and reducing fatigue. Safety features like enhanced visibility, advanced braking systems, and stability control contribute to a secure working environment. Experience the ease of operation and safety benefits by choosing water truck hire from RediPlant.


Overall Length: mm
Overall Height: mm
Overall Width: mm
Operating Weight: kg


Tank size: 8000L
Pump Type: PTO Hydrualic Driven


Overall Length: mm
Overall Height: mm
Overall Width: mm
Operating Weight: kg

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