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Hitachi Excavator (4.8T)

Hire the 4.8T Excavator with its compact design, enhanced performance, and fuel efficiency. Ideal for urban job sites, it offers a powerful engine, and an advanced energy-saving system that reduces fuel costs and emissions.

Short-tail swing radius

Stage V-compliant engine

Energy-saving system reduces emissions

Double locking tilting hitch

Auxiliary Piping

Dozer blade


Hitachi Excavator ZX48U (4.8T):

Enhanced Performance for Excavator Hire: The ZX48U-6's short-tail swing radius makes it a perfect fit for urban job sites with limited space, making it highly suitable for excavator hire projects. Its fast, powerful, and fuel-efficient performance ensures high levels of productivity, while consuming less fuel and emitting fewer emissions compared to previous models.

Efficient Productivity for Excavator Hire:

The ZX48U-6 delivers exceptional productivity on the job site, making it an ideal choice for excavator hire. Its powerful Stage V-compliant engine, quick cycle time, and efficient hydraulic system contribute to efficient operations. The incorporation of features like EGR and muffler filter reduces NOx and particulate matter, while the common rail system optimises engine performance. This results in improved fuel efficiency, lower running costs, and reduced emissions during the hire period.

Built to Last for Excavator Hire:

The ZX48U-6 is designed with durability in mind, making it reliable for excavator hire projects. Its strengthened front joints, improved swing post, and boom cylinder guard ensure long-lasting performance, enabling you to complete your projects on time and within budget.

Double Lock Tilt Hitch:

The excavator is equipped with a double locking tilt hitch, our machine ensures excavator operator and bystander safety during operation. The tilting feature enables the excavator attachments to be tilted, providing increased versatility for handling technical projects when hiring.

Rubber Tracks:

Our machine is fitted with durable rubber tracks, providing enhanced traction and stability on various terrains. The rubber tracks not only offer excellent grip but also minimise ground disturbance, making it suitable for sensitive or fragile surfaces.

Auxiliary piping:

Our machine is equipped with auxiliary piping and valves, allowing for seamless integration of various hydraulic attachments. Whether you need to connect a breaker, auger, or any other hydraulic tool, our equipment is designed to accommodate your project requirements with ease. Enhance the versatility of your work with our hydraulic attachment capabilities.


Overall Length: 5350mm
Overall Height: 2530mm
Overall Width: 1960mm
Operating Weight: 4916kg
SWL (Lifting): 450kg


Dig Reach: 5760mm
Dig Depth: 3320mm


Overall Length: 5350mm
Overall Height: 2530mm
Overall Width: 1960mm
Operating Weight: 4916kg
SWL (Lifting): 450kg

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