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CAT D8T Dozer

Hire the CAT D8T dozer for larger dozing tasks. With powerful performance and advanced technology options, it effortlessly moves more material. REDI offers convenient dry hire services, providing access to the reliable D8T Dozers.

Large SU blade with 10.3m3 capacity

Up to 18% better dozing efficiency and up to 10% fuel savings

GPS Capalitilites

Great manoeuvrability and flexibility in tight job sites

Compatible with GPS-based grade control systems.

Exceptional versatility


Caterpillar D8T Bulldozer:

The Cat® D8T bulldozer is highly sought-after for dry hire due to its larger dozing capacities. It is the preferred choice for various dozing tasks, including pushing, ripping, scraper work, land clearing, and rough finish grading.

Advanced technology features:

When you choose the D8T dozer for dry hire, you benefit from its renowned capabilities backed by Caterpillar's commitment to innovation. The dozer is equipped with advanced features and technology that enhance comfort, productivity, and fuel efficiency. The operator-friendly design ensures increased comfort, enabling operators to work for longer hours without fatigue, leading to enhanced productivity on the job site when hiring gear.

Fuel efficiency:

Another significant advantage of the D8T bulldozer. Caterpillar has integrated advanced technologies into the machine to optimise fuel consumption, reducing operating costs and minimising environmental impact. By selecting the D8T Dozer for dry hire, you can accomplish more work while keeping fuel expenses in check.

Grade control technology for precise grading (GPS):

The dozer, features advanced grade control technology with GPS machine control. This integrated system utilises sensors, GPS, and software algorithms to provide automatic blade control and real-time precision grading. With features like automatic cross slope control and user-friendly interfaces, it enhances accuracy, reduces rework, and increases productivity. The GPS technology ensures cost savings by minimising material wastage and reducing labour expenses on grading projects.

Trusted Brand:

Caterpillar's dedication to innovation ensures that the D8T Dozer meets the evolving needs of your construction sites. The bulldozer is equipped with cutting-edge features and technology that enhance performance, reliability, and ease of service. You can rely on the D8T to deliver consistent results, reduce downtime, and maximise productivity on your projects.


Overall length: 6000mm
Overall width: 2715mm
Overall height: 3560mm
Operating weight: 39750kg


Blade type: SU Blade
Horsepower: 354HP
GPS Capabilities: Trimble


Overall length: 6000mm
Overall width: 2715mm
Overall height: 3560mm
Operating weight: 39750kg

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