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CAT D4 Dozer

Hire the Cat® D4 dozer and get a versatile and powerful machine with enhanced visibility and user-friendly technology features. The VPAT blade enhances its versatility, with the compact dozer perfect for smaller projects.

Compact and agile for smaller projects

VPAT Blade

Offers up to 30% better visibility

Fast steering response

Fuel-efficient Cat C4.4 engine

Up to 5% Less Co2 Emissions


Caterpillar D4 Bulldozer:

The D4 Dozer is the ultimate choice for your dry hire needs! The dozer is versatile and combines raw power with pinpoint precision, allowing you to tackle any earthmoving or construction task with ease. If you're clearing land, building roads, or shaping landscapes, the Cat D4 dozer is your reliable companion.

Impressive visibility:

The Cat Dozer has a lower sloping hood line, this dozer offers up to 30 percent more visibility in front of the blade compared to other models. Say goodbye to blind spots and hello to a clear view of your work! This enhanced visibility ensures accurate grading and allows you to make quick adjustments for optimum results.


The dozer has superior manoeuvrability and fast steering response, this dozer gives you the freedom to navigate through challenging terrains effortlessly. No more struggling to reach tight spaces or manoeuvring around obstacles. The D4 Dozer moves with finesse, saving you time and effort on the job site.

Smooth finish grading:

The D4 Dozer undercarriage design is optimised for delivering great results. Featuring eight bottom rollers and two carrier rollers, this dozer glides over the ground, providing a comfortable ride even at higher grading speeds. You'll experience improved stability and control, allowing you to achieve precise grading for a perfect finish.

The Cat D4 dozer is available for dry hire!

Enjoy the flexibility of renting this powerhouse equipment for your specific project needs. No long-term commitments or ownership hassles – simply access the Cat D4 dozer when you need it and experience the difference it can make in your productivity and profitability.


Overall length: 5105mm

Overall width: 2340mm

Overall height: 2950mm

Operating weight: 3272kg


Blade type: VPAT Blade
Horsepower: 130HP
GPS Capabilities: Trimble


Overall length: 5105mm

Overall width: 2340mm

Overall height: 2950mm

Operating weight: 3272kg

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