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CAT 140 Grader

Hire the CAT 140 Grader with a 14-foot blade for reliable and versatile dry hire. It provides powerful performance, precise blade control, a wide cutting width, and the ability to handle various terrains. Trust the CAT Grader to deliver exceptional results for your larger scale projects.

Full automatic machine control (GPS)

Enhanced visibility with ergonomic cabin

Hydraulic system for smooth blade movement

78% less arm movement with Joystick control

Scarify or Ripper Options

4 wheels driven with a lockable differential


CAT 140M Grader (14ft Blade):

Experience the precision and power of the CAT 140M Grader, available for dry hire. With its 14-foot blade, this dependable machine is great for larger grading and leveling tasks, enabling you to achieve outstanding results with confidence.

Unmatched performance:

The CAT 140M Grader delivers exceptional power, torque, and fuel efficiency, making it the perfect choice for handling challenging grading projects. Its robust capabilities ensure smooth progress and reliable performance on every job.

Precision grading made easy:

Equipped with advanced control systems, the CAT 140M Grader empowers operators with precise blade control, guaranteeing accurate and consistent grading results. Whether you need to create smooth surfaces or achieve precise finishes, this grader is your key to achieving exceptional precision.

Operator-centric design:

The CAT 140M Grader prioritizes operator comfort and efficiency with its spacious and ergonomic cabin. Designed for optimal visibility and equipped with adjustable controls, operators can work comfortably and confidently, maximizing their productivity.

Enhanced visibility and technology:

The CAT 140M Grader features thoughtful design elements such as angled cab doors, a tapered engine enclosure, and a sloped rear window to enhance visibility. Additionally, its GPS capability and advanced grade control technology enable automatic blade control, reducing rework and increasing productivity on grading projects.

Grade control technology for precise grading (GPS):

The CAT 140 Grader, available for hire, features advanced grade control technology with GPS machine control. This integrated system utilizes sensors, GPS, and software algorithms to provide automatic blade control and real-time precision grading. With features like automatic cross slope control and user-friendly interfaces, it enhances accuracy, reduces rework, and increases productivity. The GPS technology ensures cost savings by minimizing material wastage and reducing labor expenses on grading projects.


Overall length: 9900 mm
Overall width: 2511 mm
Overall height: 3308 mm
Operating weight: 18,991 kg


GPS Capabilities: Trimble


Overall length: 9900 mm
Overall width: 2511 mm
Overall height: 3308 mm
Operating weight: 18,991 kg

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