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CAT 12M Grader

Hire the CAT Grader with a 12-foot blade for exceptional performance, efficiency, and ease of operation. With advanced features and precise control, it's the reliable choice for all scale grading projects.

Full automatic machine control (GPS)

Power Shift Countershaft Transmission

Aggressive blade angle and optimised moldboard

78% less arm movement with Joystick control

Articulation Return-to-Center

Scarify or Ripper Options

4 wheels driven with a lockable differential


CAT 12M Grader (12ft Blade):

The CAT 12M Grader, available for grader hire, is a versatile and robust machine designed for all scale construction projects. With its 12 ft blade and advanced features, this grader ensures precise control and exceptional grading results.

Autoshift feature

The Caterpillar 12M Grader offers a programmable Autoshift feature that optimises transmission shifts, enhancing efficiency and matching application demands. This streamlines grader operation and improves overall performance.

Efficiency and productivity

The grader's aggressive blade angle, optimised moldboard curvature, and large throat clearance facilitate smooth material flow and improve grading productivity. Additionally, the hydraulic demand fan adjusts speed for cooling, maximising power to the ground and enhancing fuel efficiency.

Operational ease and comfort:

Selectable blade lift modes allow operators to customise performance based on grading requirements. Joystick controls with electronically adjustable pods minimise hand and arm movement, ensuring operator comfort during long hours of grader operation. The Articulation Return-to-Center feature simplifies manoeuvrability and overall grader control.

Grade control technology for precise grading (GPS):

The CAT 12M Grader, available for hire, features advanced grade control technology with GPS machine control. This integrated system utilises sensors, GPS, and software algorithms to provide automatic blade control and real-time precision grading. With features like automatic cross slope control and user-friendly interfaces, it enhances accuracy, reduces rework, and increases productivity. The GPS technology ensures cost savings by minimising material wastage and reducing labour expenses on grading projects.


Overall length: 9900mm
Overall width: 2481mm
Overall height: 2890mm
Operating weight: 18400kg


Blade Length: 12Ft
Horsepower: 158-173
HP Fuel Consumption: 20<LPH
GPS Capabilities: Trimble


Overall length: 9900mm
Overall width: 2481mm
Overall height: 2890mm
Operating weight: 18400kg

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