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RediAttach SkidSteer Spreader Bar

We provide a wide range of 5 - 35T RediAttach spreader bars with options to either hire or buy.

✔ Welded on ware strips for durability

 Welded gussets for extra strength

 Designed with 4-in-1 pickup

 Constructed from thick RHS steel


Experience versatile and efficient lifting operations with RediAttach Spreader Bar. Designed to evenly distribute loads and reduce stress on lifting points, these bars enhance safety and performance. With welded-on wear strips and gussets, they offer durability and strength to withstand demanding environments.

RediAttach Spreader Bars are built to last, featuring robust construction and welded-on wear strips for added durability. The welded gussets provide extra strength, ensuring reliable performance even in heavy-duty lifting tasks. With RediAttach Spreader Bars, you can trust in their durability and longevity, minimising maintenance requirements.

The 4-in-1 pickup design of RediAttach Spreader Bars offers versatility and convenience. It allows for easy attachment and compatibility with various lifting equipment, providing seamless integration into your lifting operations. Constructed from thick RHS steel, these spreader bars are capable of handling substantial loads, making them a reliable choice for your lifting projects.

Trust RediPlant for your spreader bar hire or purchase needs, and benefit from the versatility, durability, and user-friendly design of RediAttach Spreader Bars. Optimise your lifting operations, enhance safety, and ensure efficient and reliable lifting processes with our high-quality spreader bars.


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