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RediAttach Skeleton Buckets

RediAttach offers versatile options for hiring or buying skeleton buckets. With reinforced construction for durability and strength, our buckets efficiently sort and separate materials for various applications. Choose RediAttach for reliable and flexible skeleton bucket hiring or buying solutions.

 Armour plating for extended wear life

 Available in narrow and wide designs

 Additional reinforcement for enhanced strength and durability.

 Fully welded interlocked ribs for increased structural integrity

✔ Constructed from high-quality steel


RediAttach Skeleton Buckets:

Additional Reinforcement:

With reinforced construction, hiring these skeleton buckets offer exceptional durability and strength. They are built to withstand heavy-duty tasks and harsh working conditions, ensuring reliable performance and an extended service life. When you choose RediAttach Skeleton Buckets for hire, you can trust in their robust construction to handle various materials with ease.

Design Sizes:

The skeleton design of our buckets allows for efficient sorting and separation of materials. Strategically placed gaps between the tines enable finer materials to fall through while retaining larger objects. This feature makes RediAttach Skeleton Buckets perfect for applications such as landscaping, site cleanup, and material sorting during excavation. Experience the time-saving efficiency and productivity boost that comes with effective material sorting.

Range of Sizes:

At RediAttach, we offer versatile skeleton bucket hire options to meet your specific needs. With different sizes and configurations available, you can choose the perfect bucket for your job requirements. Whether you're working with a small excavator or a larger machine, our range of options ensures compatibility and optimal performance. Trust in RediAttach for reliable and efficient skeleton bucket hire for your next project.

In summary, RediAttach's Skeleton Buckets provide exceptional durability, efficient material sorting, and versatile options for hire. With their reinforced construction, efficient sorting design, and range of sizes, these buckets are a reliable choice for various applications. Choose RediAttach for skeleton bucket hire and experience the benefits in your next project.


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Size: 4-6 Tonne
Pickups: 45mm pins, 260mm pin Centres: 160mm between ears

Size: 6-10 Tonne
Pickups: 50mm pins, 305mm pin Centres: 210mm between ears

Size: 12-14 Tonne
Pickups: 65mm pins, 405mm pin Centres: 275mm between ears

Size: 20-25 Tonne
Pickups: 80mm pins, 460mm pin Centres: 340mm between ears

Size: 25-33 Tonne
Pickups: 90mm pins, 500mm pin Centres: 420mm between ears


Size: 4-6 Tonne
Width: 1000mm
Mass: 200kg

Size: 6-10 Tonne
Width: 1200mm
Mass: 285kg

Size: 12-14 Tonne
Width: 1000mm & 1500mm
Mass 540kg

Size: 20-25 Tonne
Width: 1500mm & 1800mm
Mass: 1170kg

Size: 25-33 Tonne
Width: 1500mm & 2000mm
Mass: 1365kg

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