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RediAttach Mud Buckets

We provide a wide range of 5 - 35T RediAttach mud buckets with options to either hire or buy.

 Durable BIS400 Steel

✔ Reinforced side-wear plates

✔ Double radius design

 Cost-effective replaceable bolt-on edge

 Reversible bolt-on edge for extended longevity.

 Extra wear strips welded to the base for added protection.


RediAttach Mud Buckets:

Durable Construction:

RediAttach trench buckets are built to withstand the demanding nature of excavation work. Constructed with durable BIS400 Steel, these buckets offer exceptional strength and durability, ensuring they can handle tough job site conditions and provide long-lasting performance when your hire or buy them. Investing in a trench bucket that is built to last ensures reliability and minimises the need for frequent replacements.

Enhanced Efficiency:

Efficiency is crucial in excavation projects, and RediAttach trench buckets are designed to optimize productivity. With their double radius design, these buckets provide improved efficiency during digging and material handling tasks. The well-engineered design allows for smoother operation, faster cycle times, and more effective performance, enabling operators to complete their projects more efficiently.

Cost-Effective Maintenance:

Keeping maintenance costs in check is a priority when purchasing trench buckets. RediAttach addresses this concern with their cost-effective replaceable bolt-on edge. This feature allows for easy maintenance and replacement of the cutting edge when it becomes worn, reducing downtime and saving on expenses. Additionally, the option to source the bolt-on edge from REDI or locally provides flexibility and convenience.


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Size: 4-6 Tonne
Pickups: 45mm pins, 260mm pin Centres: 160mm between ears

Size: 6-10 Tonne
Pickups: 50mm pins, 305mm pin Centres: 210mm between ears

Size: 12-14 Tonne
Pickups: 65mm pins, 405mm pin Centres: 275mm between ears

Size: 20-25 Tonne
Pickups: 80mm pins, 460mm pin Centres: 340mm between ears

Size: 25-33 Tonne
Pickups: 90mm pins, 500mm pin Centres: 420mm between ears


Size: 4-6 Tonne
Width: 1200mm
Mass: 160kg

Size: 6-10 Tonne
Width: 1500mm
Mass: 230kg

Size: 12-14 Tonne
Width: 1500mm
Mass 460kg

Size: 20-25 Tonne
Width: 1800mm
Mass: 810kg

Size: 25-33 Tonne
Width: 2000mm
Mass: 1230kg

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