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RediAttach Hydraulic Grabs

We provide a wide range of 5 - 35T RediAttach Hydraulic Grabs with options to either hire or buy.

Sizing 3T>35T:

 Wide opening: To handle larger objects

 Box tynes style: Ensures a secure grip

 Reinforced tynes

 Additional reinforcing for strength

 High-quality steel

✔ Dual hydraulic ram powered: Doubles the grabbing and lifting power


RediAttach Hydraulic Grabs:


RediAttach Hydraulic Grabs offer a versatile solution for a wide range of high-impact tasks. Available in sizes ranging from 3 tons to 35 tons, these grabs are equipped with dual hydraulic rams for powerful performance. With a wide opening and box tynes style, they provide efficient handling and secure gripping of materials.


The tynes of RediAttach Hydraulic Grabs are reinforced to ensure durability and longevity, even under demanding conditions. Additional reinforcing further enhances their strength, allowing them to withstand heavy loads with ease. Crafted from high-quality steel, these grabs are built to withstand rigorous use and resist wear and tear.

Whether it's demolition projects, landscaping and tree removal, scrap and waste handling, construction sites, or recycling facilities, RediAttach Hydraulic Grabs are designed to excel in these applications. Their sizing options, dual hydraulic ram power, wide opening, box tynes style, reinforced tynes, additional reinforcing for strength, and high-quality steel construction make them reliable tools for efficient material handling.

Experience the exceptional performance and durability of RediAttach Hydraulic Grabs, designed to tackle high-impact tasks and optimize your productivity in various industries.


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Size: 4-6 Tonne
Pickups: 45mm pins, 260mm pin Centres: 160mm between ears

Size: 6-10 Tonne
Pickups: 50mm pins, 305mm pin Centres: 210mm between ears

Size: 12-14 Tonne
Pickups: 65mm pins, 405mm pin Centres: 275mm between ears

Size: 20-25 Tonne
Pickups: 80mm pins, 460mm pin Centres: 340mm between ears

Size: 25-33 Tonne
Pickups: 90mm pins, 500mm pin Centres: 420mm between ears


Size: 4-6 Tonne
Width: 550mm
Openings: 730mm
Mass: 205kg

Size: 6-10 Tonne
Width: 650mm
Openings: 890mm
Mass: 350kg

Size: 12-14 Tonne
Width: 820mm
Openings: 1120mm
Mass 730kg

Size: 20-25 Tonne
Width: 940mm
Openings: 1790mm
Mass: 1450kg

Size: 25-33 Tonne
Width: 1100mm
Openings: 1970mm
Mass: 1730kg

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