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RediAttach GP Dig Buckets

We provide a wide range of 5 - 35T RediAttach GP dig buckets with options to either hire or buy.

 Optional armour plating for high demand tasks

✔ Double radius design for better efficiency

 Constructed with BIS400 steel

 Optional bolt on side cutters for durability & improved cutting ability

 Cost effective replaceable teeth which can be sourced from REDI

 Extra wear strips welded to the base


RediAttach GP Dig Buckets offer versatility and durability for demanding tasks. With optional armour plating, these buckets are well-suited for high-demand applications like quarries or mining. The double radius design ensures improved efficiency, allowing for quick and effective digging. Constructed with BIS400 steel, these buckets provide exceptional wear life, with the added benefit of optional bolt-on side cutters for enhanced durability and cutting ability.

RediAttach GP Dig Buckets provide cost-effective solutions for maintenance. The replaceable teeth, which can be sourced from REDI or locally, offer an affordable option for keeping the bucket in optimal condition. Additionally, the extra wear strips welded to the base provide added protection, reducing wear and tear and increasing the bucket's longevity.

When it comes to hiring or purchasing GP Dig Buckets, RediAttach and RediPlant are your trusted partners. Experience the benefits of their reliable and efficient buckets, designed to withstand demanding tasks and optimise productivity on the job site.


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Size: 4-6 Tonne
Pickups: 45mm pins, 260mm pin Centres: 160mm between ears

Size: 6-10 Tonne
Pickups: 50mm pins, 305mm pin Centres: 210mm between ears

Size: 12-14 Tonne
Pickups: 65mm pins, 405mm pin Centres: 275mm between ears

Size: 20-25 Tonne
Pickups: 80mm pins, 460mm pin Centres: 340mm between ears

Size: 25-33 Tonne
Pickups: 90mm pins, 500mm pin Centres: 420mm between ears


Size: 4-6 Tonne
Width: 600mm
Mass: 150kg

Size: 6-10 Tonne
Width: 600mm
Mass: 250kg

Size: 12-14 Tonne
Width: 900mm
Mass 450kg

Size: 20-25 Tonne
Width: 1200mm
Mass: 820kg

Size: 25-33 Tonne
Width: 1500mm
Mass: 1000kg

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