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RediAttach Compaction Wheel

We provide a wide range of 5 - 35T RediAttach compaction wheels with options to either hire or buy.

Sizing 3T>35T:

Greasable bearings for easy maintenance

Reinforced cleaning tynes

High-quality steel construction

Replaceable bearings and seals for convenient maintenance and cost-effective repairs.


RediAttach has a wide range of sizing options from 3 tons to 35 tons, RediAttach Compaction Wheels are designed to meet the needs of various excavators. With these versatile attachments, you can achieve efficient compaction results for a wide range of projects when you hire or buy these.

Easy Maintenance:

Greasable bearings are integrated into the design of our Compaction Wheels, making maintenance a breeze. You can easily lubricate the bearings, ensuring smooth operation and extending their lifespan. This feature simplifies maintenance tasks and helps maximize the performance and longevity of your attachment when you hire or buy them.


RediAttach Compaction Wheels are built to withstand the toughest conditions when you hire or buy them. Reinforced cleaning tyres provide exceptional durability and effective cleaning performance. These tyres are designed to endure demanding tasks, ensuring optimal performance and long-lasting reliability.

Quality Steel:

Constructed with high-quality steel, our Compaction Wheels offer exceptional strength and reliability when you hire or buy them. The robust steel construction enables these attachments to withstand heavy-duty applications and deliver consistent results. You can rely on the durability and longevity of our Compaction Wheels for your compaction needs. Whether you need


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Size: 4-6 Tonne
Pickups: 45mm pins, 260mm pin Centres: 160mm between ears

Size: 6-10 Tonne
Pickups: 50mm pins, 305mm pin Centres: 210mm between ears

Size: 12-14 Tonne
Pickups: 65mm pins, 405mm pin Centres: 275mm between ears

Size: 20-25 Tonne
Pickups: 80mm pins, 460mm pin Centres: 340mm between ears

Size: 25-33 Tonne
Pickups: 90mm pins, 500mm pin Centres: 420mm between ears


Size: 4-6 Tonne
Width: 330mm
Mass: 265kg

Size: 6-10 Tonne
Width: 330mm
Mass: 340kg

Size: 12-14 Tonne
Width: 360mm
Mass 375kg

Size: 20-25 Tonne
Width: 470mm
Mass: 835kg

Size: 25-33 Tonne
Width: 470mm
Mass: 900kg

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