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Compaction Roller


Sany Compaction Roller (18T Padfoot)

Hire the Sany Compaction Roller with it's versatile padfoot drum design. Weighing in at 18 tons, it delivers powerful compaction force on cohesive and semi-cohesive soils for larger projects. The advanced vibration system ensures efficient compaction.

Versatile padfoot drum design

Scraper tynes between pads

Swivel controls

Advanced vibration system

ROPS Operator-friendly cabin


Sany Compaction Roller (18T Padfoot)

Versatile Padfoot Design:

The Sany Compaction Roller features a padfoot drum design, making it suitable for compacting cohesive and semi-cohesive soils. The specially designed pads penetrate the soil, creating a high-density compaction for stable and durable foundations. With this roller, you can achieve optimal compaction results on a variety of terrains, ensuring the integrity of your construction projects.

Efficient and Time-Saving:

With an 18-ton weight, the Sany Compaction Roller delivers the necessary force for efficient compaction. Its substantial weight allows it to cover large areas with fewer passes, saving you valuable time on the job site. By reducing the number of passes required, you can increase productivity and complete your projects faster, meeting deadlines with ease.

Reliable Performance and Operator Comfort:

The Sany Compaction Roller is built to deliver reliable performance even in demanding conditions. Equipped with a powerful engine and robust components, this roller ensures durability and long-term use. Additionally, its operator-friendly cabin provides comfort and safety for operators during long hours of operation. The cabin's spacious design and excellent visibility contribute to reduced operator fatigue and enhanced precision in compaction tasks.


Overall Length: 6497mm
Overall Height: 3300mm
Overall Width: 2318mm
Operating Weight: 18000kg


Vibration Compaction


Overall Length: 6497mm
Overall Height: 3300mm
Overall Width: 2318mm
Operating Weight: 18000kg

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