How To Hire Guide

10 Steps to Consider When Hiring:

1. Identify the equipment type required e.g. Excavator, Skid Steer etc. to complete the task at hand

2. How will the equipment be used e.g. unit size and digging depth, haul route length, final trimming etc.

3. Confirm preferred hire type Wet Hire (inclusive of Operator and Fuel) or Dry Hire (Hirer to Operate and Fuel)

4. Confirm project location and site access, any specific attachments required, commencement date and duration of hire

5. Contact RediPlant with the above information

6. One of our helpful hire coordinators with assist with your inquiry and respond promptly with either a phone, email, or SMS quotation

7. Review the quotation including your insurance and maintenance responsibilities while the equipment is in your care

8. Do the numbers. As always, we need you to look at the bottom line and ensure the hire is of financial benefit to you and if you can’t make it work please call us as we may be able to source or recommend a better solution for you.

9. Confirm the payment type e.g. Trade account, prepayment etc.

10. Lock in the hire with RediPlant your Equipment sourcing, supply and solutions specialist