Kobelco SK235SR-2 NB 23 Tonne Excavator for Hire

Model:SK235SR-2 NB
Size:Large Excavators for Hire

Standard Attachments Included:

GP Bucket GP Bucket
Mud Bucket Mud Bucket
Ripper Ripper
Tilt Hitch Tilt Hitch

Used For:

20 tonne excavator, 20 tonne excavator for hire, 20 tonne gps excavator for hire, 20t excavator, 23 tonne excavator hire, 23t excavator, Civil Construction, Civil Works, Detailed Excavation, Excavation., Excavations of Foundations, reduced swing 20 tonne excavator, Road Construction, Trimble, trimble gps excavator, zero swing 20t excavator

Attachments Available:

Compaction Wheel Compaction Wheel
Hydraulic Grab Hydraulic Grab
Machine Control Machine Control
Sieve Bucket Sieve Bucket
Trench Bucket Trench Bucket
More Detailed Information

Kobelco SK235SR-2 NB 23 Ton Excavator For Hire

  • Tilt Hitch
  • Trimble Ready
  • Conditional Registration
  • Packaged with Mud Bucket, GP, Ripper
  • Also Available: Compaction Wheel, Hammer, Trench Buckets and Hydraulic Grab