CATERPILLAR 308E2 for Hire

Size:Midi Excavators for Hire

Standard Attachments Included:

GP Bucket GP Bucket
Mud Bucket Mud Bucket
Ripper Ripper
Tilt Hitch Tilt Hitch
Trench Bucket Trench Bucket

Used For:

Caterpillar, Debris Removal, Excavation., Excavator, Pool Excavation

Attachments Available:

Compaction Wheel Compaction Wheel
Hydraulic Grab Hydraulic Grab
Hydraulic Hammer Hydraulic Hammer
Sieve Bucket Sieve Bucket
More Detailed Information

Caterpillar 308E2 8 Ton Excavator For Hire

  • Rubber Tracked
  • Blade
  • Swing Boom
  • Conditional Registration
  • Packaged with Tilt Hitch, Mud, GP, Ripper, 300mm Trench & 450mm Trench
  • Also Available: Compaction Wheel and Hydraulic Grab