Small but Powerful: The Top Benefits of Hiring Mini Excavators

Date published 3rd May 2019

Excavators, which can weigh from less than a ton to more than 600 tons, are the behemoths of construction sites. They deliver supreme digging power and provide maximum productivity to construction projects. However, if you don’t need a full-sized digger for your site, mini excavators are the perfect alternatives. Mini excavators may be smaller than […]

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Asphalt Roads: the Basic Steps for Construction

Date published 30th April 2019

Asphalt roads have several advantages over concrete. They are cheaper, more flexible when paving odd shaped areas or awkward curves, and easier to remove and replace. The material is made from a mix of about 95 per cent stone, sand and gravel and five per cent bitumen. Bitumen is a heavy, viscose crude oil that […]

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Advantages and Applications of Mini-Midi Excavators

Date published 17th January 2019

Large excavators are not always the answer to every digging, trenching and demolition job, especially for smaller sites and projects. This is where RediPlant’s Mini to Midi Excavator range come in. Mini-Midi excavators are a handy alternative when a large excavator is simply to be too big and impractical for the job. Despite being smaller […]

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