How To Buy Guide

10 Steps to Consider When Buying:

1. Consider your current financial situation. Ensure you have enough capital and to buy a good quality used machine.

2. Consider available financing options. RediPlant has teamed up with QPF to provide you with fantastic competitive financing rates.

3. Consider the cost of ownership. Owning a machine comes maintenance and operating costs, insurance and other fees such as government licensing.

4.  Consider the quality of the machine. Ensure you are purchasing a machine that is good quality, with a good service history. Also consider the service that the machines manufacturer requires if you ever need spare parts.

5. Consider your ability to transport the machine. Owning a machine often means you will have to organise the majority of cartage from depot to site. This may mean owning a truck and trailer or sub contracting it.

6. Consider your future usage for the machine. Will it be consistently used in projects over time you will have ownership of the machine? Remember, if a project is held up, you can stand down a rented machine.

7. Consider availability of the machine. Owning a machine can mean you have 24/7 availability to it and may make you seem like an attractive option to potential clients because you have the right equipment for the job.

8. Consider your ability to be able to manage your fleet. By owning equipment you will have additional paperwork that comes with insurance, maintenance etc.

9. Consider your ability to purchase additional equipment for the machine. Fox example: new ripper and buckets for excavators, upgrading a grader to be GPS compatible.

10. Considering storage of the machine. You will need to ensure you have suitable room in your yard to hold the machine should the need ever arise.