Deposit & Payment

Like all plant and equipment sales outfits, we require a deposit on most major purchases.

Deposit requirements differ depending on whether you’re financing, hire to buy or buying outright and the scale of the purchase. When you’re discussing your options with our sales staff, we’ll let you know exactly how much you’ll be required to lay down up front. Depending on your circumstances, we are very happy to be flexible in order to ensure you get the gear you need, when you need it.

When it comes to payment, we accept the vast majority of standard payment options. We accept credit card, EFTPOS, cheques, bank cheque, telegraphic transfer and cash. If you need to pay via some other method, our sales staff are happy to help.

Our preferred finance broker is QPF Finance and you can find more information on them here

We know that the economy can be fickle at times. We want your business to succeed just as much as you do. Happy clients mean good business for us. If you’re having trouble making repayments, or managing your cash flow, always feel free to chat to our team. We can help make arrangements to ensure that your business keeps on bringing home the bacon without getting bogged down by cash flow issues.

If you need assistance obtaining credit, check out our finance page.