At Rediplant, we know how important it is to find a solution to all your needs in a single location. We have a broad range of operating capabilities, with machinery and experience built up during a decade in the plant hire game.

We’re very flexible, and able to fill the needs of most clients in the earthmoving and civil works industry. Please find below a brief list of our capabilities. As a general rule, if you’ve got a job, we can handle it!

Plant Hire

We’ve worked hard to build a good reputation for plant hire in Ipswich in the surrounding areas. When you hire through Rediplant, you know that you’re getting top quality machinery and advice. Building a 20 year business in plant hire isn’t easy – and our reputation is built on retaining customers for years, providing consistent and reliable service, being helpful, productive and safe.

All of our equipment is fully maintained through our workshop, with a number of maintenance procedures in place to ensure that everything is in top working order at all times.

We’ve been in the plant hire game for a long time, and we have intimate knowledge of the broad range of requirements that so many clients bring to the table. Whatever your project, we can assist you with your plant hire needs.

Machinery Sales

Our experience in plant hire and our large purchasing network make us one of the most reliable sources for machinery sales in the Ipswich region. We hire plant, so we know what you need to expand your fleet, and can help you find the best machine when you’re ready to make an investment.

We’ve sourced machinery and equipment for clients throughout southeast Queensland and further afield. We can handle all import and export requirements for machinery leaving or coming into Australia.

All of the used machinery we provide for sale is well cared for and well maintained. Our operators take great care of their equipment, and we only place items for sale when we have solid knowledge of the history of their working life.


If you need equipment but don’t know which finance services are most suitable for your business, we can help you out. We partner with QPF Finance Group, a family-owned Queensland brokerage firm, to provide financing options to all of our clients. QPF offer flexible financing options for all types of machinery, all stages of business and all financial circumstances.

We know that sometimes, you absolutely must expand your fleet in order to keep on winning jobs and staying on schedule. If you’re looking for financing assistance in order to get some more machinery on site, chat to our head office team.

Machinery Import and Export

Our many years in equipment sales have allowed us to build up a large purchasing network, ensuring we can assist with any machinery import requirements you may have. We’ve gained a lot of experience getting gear into the country for many clients, and can help you source your equipment and take the required steps to get it on site.

We can also assist with machinery export to other nations in the Asia-Pacific region. If you need to get something to another site outside of Australia, or wish to sell something to an overseas buyer, we can help you out.

Our sales team are very capable when it comes to machinery import and export. We’ve dealt with a range of equipment types, importing from and exporting to many different countries in the Asia-Pacific. Get in touch with our head office team to discuss your specific requirements.

Machinery Transport

At Rediplant, we know the difference that efficient machinery transport can make to any project. Whether you’re hiring or buying from us, we can help you out with haulage at every stage of the journey.

We are experts in plant mobilisation and demobilisation for any job type. Wherever you are, and whatever you need, we can float your gear to your site on time, every time. We have a range of low loaders available that suit most types of heavy equipment.

When you hire through Rediplant, we guarantee that your machinery will be on site when you need it. We can also handle machinery transport between job sites, and take care of demobilisation when your project is complete.

Bulk Earthworks

Bulk earthworks are our specialty. With a range of graders, dump trucks, ADTs, excavators, and loaders in our fleet, we can manage just about any bulk earthworks project.

We have supplied machinery and operators for a large number of major infrastructure projects throughout southeast Queensland. We have also worked with mining site operators to provide a range of their bulk earthworks needs.

We can handle most bulk earthworks requirements, from easy through to hard projects. Whether you’re building a dam, highway, railway, roads or trenches, we can help you out.

Civil Works

We have been involved in a range of civil works across Queensland and Australia. Some of the projects our machines have worked on include trenches, highways, roads, bridges and other public infrastructure projects such as parklands, residential subdivisions and then onto commercial projects such as building, shopping centre and other community developments.

We have strong capabilities when it comes to civil works, with a number of items in our fleet ideal for a range of jobs. With plenty of graders, dump trucks, ADTs, diggers and graders in the yard, we can tackle just about any civil works project. Our experienced operators have worked with a number of different civil construction firms, and are always prepared to adapt to the particular needs of different jobs.


At Rediplant, we live and breathe earthmoving – its the core of our business, and our strongest experience. The majority of our clients have earthmoving requirements on their projects, and as a result our operators have gained a wealth of experience working to different contractor needs.

With our large fleet of graders, dump trucks, ADTs and excavators, we can handle most small to large earthmoving projects. We also hire the smaller machines, on wet or dry contracts, for detailed earthworks projects requiring skill of operation and precision. We provide wet hire options for all earthmoving projects, so if you need an operator for an extended period of time, we’ve got you covered.

We can handle most types of earthmoving jobs, and can easily help you find the people you need for more complicated projects (such as those that require blasting).


Rediplant machines and operators have worked on a large number of roadworks and council works projects across southeast Queensland, especially around the Ipswich area. We have a large number of machines in our fleet that are ideal for most roadworks projects, with a range of dump trucks, graders, excavators and water carts available for hire.


Whatever your contracting needs, we can assist you – we partner with contractors to tender and win projects. We’ve worked with several Australian and global contractors on a range of projects throughout Queensland and New South Wales. We also work with a number of local contractors around Ipswich and Brisbane on smaller jobs. If you need us to take a project and delivery from end-to-end, we are the company for the job. We manage each project expertly, delivering excellent, safe and reliable service with quality machines. If you need plant to win a job, give us a call and we’ll help you out.