The Advantages of Hiring a Water Truck for Construction Sites

Date published 21st May 2019

Water is an essential resource in construction sites. It is used in almost every step of construction and plays a major role in suppressing, prepping material and establishing landscaping. When some contractors focus too much on the building aspect of their projects, they often overlook how important it is to keep a water truck onsite for the earlier mentioned uses

Being prepared at all times is key to minimizing interruptions onsite. Although it may not be immediately apparent, hiring professional water truck services offer several advantages for the construction industry:

Damage Caused by Dust

In construction projects, dust is a common issue. It is a threat not only to your productivity onsite, but also to your health and the environment.

For efficient dust control, you’ll need a water truck. Water is extremely effective on airborne dust particles. If you have a water truck at your work site, you can lessen the impact of dust by washing it down and clearing it out. You can also use a water truck to penetrate ground material deeply, preventing dust problems before they occur.

A Cost-Effective Option

RediPlant offers economical equipment solutions to help businesses meet a vast array of construction needs. Hiring a water truck instead of purchasing a brand new one is a smart, more cost-efficient choice when you have a short-term or temporary job that calls for a particular functions.

Some also come to us to hire water trucks because they want additional support for a larger project. Others also request for a truck to temporarily replace their old one that needs repair. Whatever your requirements are, hiring equipment from us makes good sense.

Work with RediPlant

If you need a water truck to ensure operations run smoothly onsite, you’ve come to the right place. As one of the most trusted plant hire companies in Australia, RediPlant has exactly the equipment that fits your requirements. We have a wide range of vehicles for hire, from tipper trucks and agricultural equipment to graders, excavators and bulldozers.

Our water trucks are ideal partners in all kinds of construction work, from small residential projects to major government-funded infrastructure developments. RediPlant also employs a talented team, all of whom are dedicated to providing excellent customer service.

If you’re ready to hire, discuss your project requirements with us. Feel free to talk to our friendly team by calling us on 1300 851 871 today.