Small but Powerful: The Top Benefits of Hiring Mini Excavators

Date published 3rd May 2019

Excavators, which can weigh from less than a ton to more than 600 tons, are the behemoths of construction sites. They deliver supreme digging power and provide maximum productivity to construction projects. However, if you don’t need a full-sized digger for your site, mini excavators are the perfect alternatives.

Mini excavators may be smaller than the regular excavators but don’t let their size fool you. The compact machines are extremely versatile and perform all sorts of tasks around the worksite, from digging and trenching to demolition.

Mini excavators prove that bigger is not always better. Take a look at the major benefits of hiring mini excavators for your project.

  1. Versatility

The size of a mini excavator does not limit its functionality. In fact, they’re known for their versatility. Most mini excavators come standard with tilt hitches and a kit of attachments that are used for digging operations but manufacturers also produce different attachments like compactor plates, blades, rippers, hydraulic hammers and augers.

With the different attachments, the compact excavators can be used for various applications, for instance, a hydraulic grab attachment can make easy work of rocks, tree stumps and other oddly-shaped objects.

  1. Mobility

Conventional excavators deliver more power on the job site however units with standard counterweights cannot be used for operations in tight and narrow places where the working area is limited. That’s where mini excavators come into action. Thanks to their compact size, they are well-suited for operations in confined areas. Their various attachments can reach places that cannot be accessed by standard digging machines.

Additionally, mini excavators are easier to move from one site to another. Transporting machinery is one of the biggest concerns when hiring large-sized equipment but compact and smaller machines can easily be relocated by tilt trays and tag trailers or even in the back of tipper trucks.

  1. Operator comfort

Compact excavators provide more comfort for the operators they offer good visibility and wide space, minimising operator fatigue during long-hours of operation. The spacious and ergonomic cabins also feature adjustable seating, fingertip controls and line-of-sight displays.

  1. Cost-efficient

Obviously, mini diggers are more cost effective to hire compared to larger excavators. Not only is fuelburn less, they are cheaper to transport, and they are more versatile so lessens the need to upsize and downsize as the scope on the job changes.

  1. Less damage to the worksite

Compact excavators are easier to move around tight spaces and as they are on rubber pads or tracks, they can quickly transition from hard to soft surfaces without damage.

RediPlant: A Trusted Name for Mini Excavator Rentals

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