The Advantages of Hiring A Road Grader

Date published 27th March 2019

When it comes to road construction, the road’s performance is dependent on the quality of its base. Road graders are the right equipment that provides the quality of a finished road. Its primary function is to prepare the top layer of a road for laying asphalt on it. They provide most of the accuracy when it comes to the slope of which the rest of a road is constructed.

If you’re looking for a grader for your next road construction project, consider renting instead of buying a new one. Renting a grader can provide you with flexibility that benefits your project’s logistics and finances. Here are 4 advantages of renting equipment rather than purchasing new ones.

Avoid Storage Costs

If you decide to purchase a new road grader, you will need long-term storage for it. You wouldn’t want to leave your new equipment outdoors since exposure to the elements can damage the quality of your grader. However, if you rent a grader instead of buying a new one, you can eliminate the need for long-term storage, which can help you lessen your project’s expenses.

Reduce Transportation Costs

Not only can you eliminate storage costs, but renting a grader can also save you from the logistics of transporting the machine to your project’s site. Most rental companies can have your grader delivered and picked up when required. Coordinating with your rental company to help you with transporting the grader can help you save money and streamline your project’s operations.

Reduce Time Lost

Downtime during your road construction project can delay your course of completing the project on schedule. If you rent a road grader, you can rely on its on-demand pickup and delivery based on the exact time and date you need it. Many rental companies offer short and long-term rental packages that allow you to rent the grader for as short or as long as you need it. Also, since rental companies maintain and service the grader, you can be confident that there is a lesser chance for it to stall during critical work hours.

Eliminate Technical Issues

When you rent equipment, you have peace of mind that there are experts or technicians in the rental company that can help you with your grader’s technicalities. Whether it’s about familiarising your workers with the grader’s control panel or replacing a faulty component, you can simply call your rental company and they will be glad to assist you.

Hire Our Graders

If you are looking for the right road grader to hire, RediPlant can help you find what suits your project. Our range of graders for hire is available in Toowomba, Ipswich, Brisbane and its surrounding areas. Our fleet of graders includes the 10-foot NorAm 65E, 14-foot Caterpillar grader and more.

We have a team of grader operators that can assist you in choosing the right grader for your project. They are highly experienced in working with various sectors such as residential, agricultural, mining and more. They have also worked on small to large-scale roadwork projects that involve constructing a new highway, dirt and gravel roads and earthworks for residential areas.

Call 1300 851 871 for more details about hiring our graders.