Advantages and Applications of Mini-Midi Excavators

Date published 17th January 2019

Large excavators are not always the answer to every digging, trenching and demolition job, especially for smaller sites and projects.

This is where RediPlant’s Mini to Midi Excavator range come in. Mini-Midi excavators are a handy alternative when a large excavator is simply to be too big and impractical for the job. Despite being smaller in size, mini-midi excavators deliver high performance and are sturdy enough to handle larger, more demanding projects. They are also extremely versatile, able to carry out different tasks at a work sites through to tight residential applications.

Advantages of Mini-Midi Excavators

Mini-Midi excavators can do most things that a larger machine can, but they also present many advantages over large excavators.

Provides easier access – Due to their size, mini-midi excavators can reach and go through areas where larger machines simply cannot. They can dig and turn in tight spaces, and can even go underground or into buildings.

Easier to manoeuvre and transport – Mini-Midi excavators can fit on a trailer or tilt tray, which makes transport easier and more cost-efficient. Since they are lighter, they are easier to operate and manoeuvre.

Minimised wear and tear – Lighter equipment is less likely to cause damage and destruction to surfaces, structures and property than a bigger machine. RediPlant’s Mini-Midi excavator range come complete with rubber tracks to ensure you can take the unit onto any surface thus providing another efficiency

Work more efficiently – Mini-Midi excavators use less fuel, which allows them to leave a smaller carbon footprint than bigger excavators. They are also cheaper to operate given their energy consumption.

Less noise pollution – Mini-Midi excavators operate more quietly than larger ones, so you are less likely to disrupt business operations and the tranquillity of homes in the neighborhood particularly in the night season.

Applications of Mini-Midi Excavators

Mini excavator beside a house

Mini-Midi excavators can handle a wide variety of construction and backyard jobs, whether you need to simply dig holes or shape a ground surface. They are typically used for small to medium-sized projects, but they can also support bigger projects alongside full-size diggers. They provide great assistance where accessibility and precision are needed.

Other uses for mini excavators include the following:

·         drainage and utility trenching

·         shaping ground surfaces

·         removing tree stumps

·         demolishing concrete, asphalt, steel and other construction materials on smaller structures

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